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HDFC Bank offers convenient options to pay your Credit Card bills!

Credit card bills using Net Banking

Pay your outstanding credit card bill online using NetBanking.

Link your credit card to NetBanking by logging into the Netbanking account.

Pay using the HDFC Bank Mobile App

  • Log in to the HDFC Bank Mobile App using your Customer ID and go to 'Credit Card' tab.
  • Choose 'Credit Card Payment' and make your payments using your HDFC Bank savings account.
  • Note: you need to download the Mobile App in your phone and enable internet access on your phone.

Download Mobile App

Pay using HDFC Bank Mobile Site

  • Log in into your Netbanking account from the mobile site
  • Go to the ‘credit card tab and choose ‘credit card payment’ and make your payments using your HDFC Bank savings account.

Credit card bills using other Bank accounts

  • Pay your outstanding credit card bill online from any bank account.
  • Enter card details and the outstanding due amount, select the banker from the drop-down list and click ‘Pay’.

NEFT/ Visa Money Transfer (for other bank account holders)

  • You can transfer funds from any other bank account to your HDFC Bank Credit Card account electronically.
  • Use IFSC Code HDFC0000128 for card payment through NEFT
  • To know more, click here. For details on Visa Money Transfer, click here.


You can provide standing instructions to debit your HDFC Bank account automatically for either the minimum amount due or total amount due on your monthly outstanding on your Credit Card.
Click here to download the Autopay registration form.

ATM Funds Transfer

Walk into an HDFC Bank ATM and the transfer the bill amount from your savings or current account to your credit card account.

Over the counter Cash Payment

Walk into any HDFC Bank branch and make your credit card payment by Cash.

Cheque Payment

You can drop a local cheque, made payable to the HDFC Bank Card A/c, followed by your 16-digit card number, at any one of our drop boxes located in ATMs and branches in your city.